Your Immigration Plan

Our Staff Lawyer’s advice: Dos and don’ts

  • Have a clear and specific idea about your immigration goal.
    Are you interested in paid employment or formation of a company, job searching, studying, researching, joining/reuniting with family or a different goal? Residence permits are issued for a specific purpose and initially depend on this purpose to be maintained. Changing the purpose of your stay can be difficult after the fact.
  • Visit and explore your future destination.
    Try to imagine your immigration plan being implemented. What will your everyday life look like? Where and how will you live, work, study etc.? Which circumstances will be different to your current life, what will stay the same? Whom will you address for common questions and little day-to-day problems?
  • Have realistic expectations about the legal immigration procedure.Administrative procedures can take more time and effort than expected. Always be wary if anyone promises you guaranteed success within a short period of time. Authorities carefully process each application in accordance with the law – applicants are not favored or wronged at will.
  • Seek legal assistance if necessary.
    Some people only consult a lawyer as a last resort after something has gone wrong. Lawyers don’t only handle litigation though. It is much easier drafting a practicable plan than trying to resolve issues after the fact. If you’re not sure about your immigration plan, you can consult our team about its feasibility.
  • Talk to like-minded people.
    Immigration is more than only a legal process. As with every aspect of life, joint efforts go a long way. Try to engage in a dialogue with fellow countrymen for an exchange of experiences and mutual support. There is usually an established community of expatriates you can get in touch with.