Why You Should Study Before Working

You are professional from a none EU country, you have a First Degree or even a Masters, that’s Superb, but can it really get you to find work in Germany ?

Yes and No, well lets be practical and look on the reality on the ground:Job-hunting on the Internet

1. There is a Job Seeking Visa issued at times in German embassies, however in order to get such kind of visa you need to deposit 8,000 Euros in a blocked account to support your living while searching for a job in Germany.

This 8,000 is meant to support your efforts in finding a job, and my friend while you read this lines it looks simple getting a job, but you can’t get any job, read below.

I just want to remind you that inspiring to immigrate to Germany is the right thing you have to take, but take it at the right way, no one is waiting for you with a job offer, you’ll have to work hard to get it.

2. The Job Seeking Visa is granted for 6 month period and is none renewable, this means if you don’t find your work in Germany, you’ll have to go back to your country and wait for another 6 month before getting a new visa, you prefer to stay in Germany being illegal, well my friend, you find yourself on express route to prison and deportation back home, and Germans have reputation of being very efficient.

3. Are you an Engineer, IT Specialist or other high demanded professional? had you designed an embedded circuits in your home country or worked with multi threading applications and networking protocols? most chances are that you require  a Hi-Tech industry experience to support your competitive edge at the market, are you competitive ? you have a very high potential of being so, but in comparison to the German university graduates you have a work ahead of you.

4. You have a Degree but it have to be recognized under the German System – the process of recognizing your credentials will take around 3-6 month in which it will cost you around 1,000-1,200 Euros, the most often rejection cause (after paying) is due to “not having enough practical experience to obtain recognition”.

5. In order to obtain a Blue Card you need to have a job, to get a job you need to know German, What’s your language proficiency level ? do you speak German at a B1 level ?

6. Your job offer need to have an annual income of 37,752 Euros, while this is monthly salary of 3,146 Euro’s per month and around the median salary in Germany, Can you compete with the average German on the Job ? Below this pay scale, you are not entitled for a Blue Card, so your employers has to evaluate your skills to this pay level and as we all know money does not grow on the trees, even in Germany.

7. Why Should I study in German University as basis to long term vision to work and reside in Germany ?

First, your studies would automatically be recognized in Germany and Europe and probably elsewhere in the world.

Second You can work during your studying, you don’t waste your time in theory.

Third, upon the successful completion of your studies at a German university you are entitled to take up a job in Germany which is in line with your studies. You will receive the necessary residence permit from the foreign nationals‘ registration authority which is responsible for you. Following your studies, if you have not yet found a suitable job, the foreign nationals’ registration authority can issue you a residence permit for 18 months for the purpose of seeking employment corresponding to your degree. During this period, you can take any job as a means of supporting yourself.

8. “EU Blue Card” holders are entitled to a permanent residence permit after 33 months. This is a residence permit with no time limit. If you can prove before this time that your required language skills comply with level B1 of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR), you can obtain your permanent residence permit after just 21 months.

9. Are you in a hurry getting your Dream Job? If you are a professor, a researcher or scientist with unique area of expertise who can get a job offer for his expertise and knowledge, this might be your direct route for getting a Blue Card.

10. For most of us, We suggest that we all be reasonable and practical, take a safe route, get a profession, even a second profession, integrate in the society, get to know what its like being in Germany, get the language and give our self enough time to find a decent work.