Wanted: Civil & Construction Engineers

The construction industry makes a major contribution to generating value and creating jobs in the German economy. Many other industries are linked to the construction industry, and as a result the construction industry serves as an economic driver to generate prosperity. With every Euro invested in the construction industry today, overall economic demand increases by more than two Euros. And the construction industry is booming: Every year, about 10 percent of the annual GDP are spent on construction projects. In 2013, this amounted to €270 billion. Through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, the German construction industry is also successful abroad. For years, German building output at an international level has accounted for more than €20 billion annually.

A major employer

Building and construction

The construction industry includes the main construction trades and the finishing trades. About 73,000 companies, most of them small or medium-sized, are active in the main construction trades, offering shell construction and civil engineering services In the finishing trades, 244,000 companies mainly provide finishings, interior fittings and renovation services. With a total of 1.9 million workers, this industry is one of the largest employers. In 2009, university graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics accounted for 80 percent of the university graduates employed in the sector.

Environmentally friendly and future-driven

Against the backdrop of climate change, the German construction industry is increasingly focusing on environmental research. Optimising the energy efficiency of buildings and constructing in a manner that is energy-efficient and sustainable is a major focus in research and development. The German industry offers new solutions when it comes to developing new building materials and technologies. In addition, the German construction industry offers state-of-the-art innovations in the areas of digital planning and construction, and in the integrated use of IT applications in construction.