The EU Blue Card – requirements and advantages

The EU Blue Card was introduced in 2012 as a special residence permit for qualified migrants. It is considered to be the best pre-settlement legal status for foreign workers gainfully employed in Germany. EU Blue Card eligibility is always checked in the course of GoToWorld.Today evaluation because it offers substantial legal benefits:

  • Shortened and eased application procedure – applicants are exempt from meeting many formal requirements regarding their intended employment. EU Blue Card permits are usually granted faster than regular working residence permits – and with considerably less hassle.
  • Natural scientists, mathematicians, architects, engineers, medical practitioners, graphic and multimedia designers as well as academic professionals working in IT and communications benefit from regulations eased even further.
  • Fast track to permanent settlement permit – permanent residency is granted after only 21 months of dependent employment if satisfactory German language skills are proven by the EU Blue Card holder.
  • An EU Blue Card holder’s spouse has immediate access to gainful employment in Germany independent of proven language skills.

Application requirements include but are not limited to a recognized higher education qualification and a qualified job offer in Germany. Both requirements are usually the main pitfalls in the application process because legal definitions and regulations are not self-evident.

Eligibility for an EU Blue Card can be evaluated within a short period of time. A straightforward written expert report will explain immigration options in easy-to-understand English, including recommendations for realizing your immigration plan.

EU Blue Card eligibility can be assessed before, during or after negotiations of a prospective employment contract. Job applicants and employers unsure about the eligibility or the application process benefit from seeking legal consultation as early as possible.