Why Germany

Why Germany?

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Why Germany

Germany has become one of the top destinations for immigrants from around the globe. In fact, the German government issues a Resident Visa to Germany to approximately 200,000 foreign nationals from various countries and backgrounds every year. What is attracting so many people from all over the world to make the move? Why Germany? The short answer is that Germany is THE place to be!

Economic Opportunities

One of the top incentives for immigration to Germany is a desire to access the many economic opportunities that are available in the country and the European Economic Region. Europeans are among the most prosperous people on the planet, with middle-aged Germans enjoying an impressive average net worth over $350,000! Boasting the strongest economy in Europe, low unemployment rate (and severe labor shortage), there are thousands of good-paying German jobs that eligible skilled foreign workers can apply for if issued a Student & Resident Permit to Germany.

Incredible Cities

Another major motivation for German immigration is its incredible cities. In August 2014, the respected London-based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released the results of its annual evaluation of 140 cities around the globe and ranked four German cities (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg) among the top “Most Livable Cities” in the world. All you have to do is view a few photos or videos of Germany’s scenic cities and the natural response is to think, “What a beautiful place – I wish I could live there!” If you are approved for immigration to Germany, that dream can become a reality!

Spectacular Scenery

A key reason that many people want to immigrate to Germany is so they can experience the spectacular scenery found across this bio-diverse country. Germany boasts thousands of beautiful peaceful pine Forests, magnificent Alpine Mountains, Beaches, refreshing rivers and thousands of hiking trails plus green grasslands and a wonderful wine and Beer country. There are also many species of plants and animals that are unique to Germany and Europe. If you love nature and are approved for immigration to Germany, you will have plenty of options available for backpacking, camping, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, skiing, sailing, and a host of other activities in the Great Outdoors.

Other Benefits

There are several other great reasons to apply for German immigration. People who are granted a Resident Visa to Germany are allowed to attend German educational programs, such as to learn a trade, improve vocational skills or earn a college or university degree, and this can open up great opportunities to apply for German and European jobs. Permanent residents also have access to Germany’s national healthcare and social security program. Furthermore, they can live in a stable democracy with guaranteed freedoms protected under the rule of law. These are just some of the many benefits available to you and your family if you immigrate to Germany!

A Better Life Awaits You in Germany!

In May 2014, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released its annual Better Life Index which ranked Germans as among the happiest people out of the 36 developed countries examined. What is astounding (but not surprising) is that this was the fourth year in a row that Germany received this distinction. Thus, a better life could also await you and your family if you are approved for German immigration!