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Just Finish School and Join…

High School Graduate

The Best way to Immigrate to Germany and Europe as a high school graduate will be by admitting to University studying program in the many programs available in Germany.

Germany is one of the world’s most popular destinations for students. Training qualified foreign students in German universities is one of the German Government’s top priorities.

While the requirements vary from University to another and would depends on your grades, they would all require you to successful complete your secondary school education with final exams certificate.

Knowing German is not mandatory as many studying programs can be done in English, however it is recommended to have a preparatory and acclimatization year in which you’ll get German language courses and university preparatory courses, during this period you can obtain a work permit and be able to legally work in Germany while getting world class education and shaping your future as an adult in a developed country.

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Put yourself in Direction of Success…

University Student

 Are you already studying in a university in your country ? That’s great, thus credits you accumulated are not in vain. The easiest way to immigrate to Germany is by continuing your studying at a world class university in Germany in which you’ll be able to study in English or German, or even change your subject of studying from the thousands of studying programs available.

 Did you know that Since 2012 The legal parameters regarding the employment of foreign graduates of German universities have also been improved and due to shortage of manpower in the German Economy it is relatively easy to get a job once you graduated a German university.

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Degree Holder? Professional?

Degree Holder? Professional?

Since 1 August 2012, foreign nationals with a recognized university degree have had easier access to the labor market under the EU Blue Card system, which is the parallel to the American Green Card, but enable you to work all over Europe. To obtain the Blue Card, you must furnish proof of your qualifications and a concrete job offer that would provide annual gross earnings of at least 48,400 euros (2015). The approval of the Federal Employment Agency is not required.

In the case of highly qualified foreign nationals with a background in mathematics, IT, the natural sciences or technology as well as medical doctors, the EU Blue Card conditions still apply, provided they are offered the same salaries as comparable German employees and their annual gross earnings would be at least 37,752 euros (2015). In these cases the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is required.

Simplified rules on access to the labor market also apply to academics, highly qualified professionals, executives, senior employees, specialists and similar groups.

In the case of foreign nationals with diploma or vocational qualifications, such as care specialists, there are now improved options for gaining recognition for qualifications obtained abroad. In addition to this, for professions experiencing shortages, access to the German labor market has been made possible without a prior labor market test, as long as the worker’s qualification is recognized as equivalent to a German qualification under the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act. 

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Considering Taking the Boat?

Asylum Seeker

For unskilled and low-skilled workers access to the labor market in Germany remains limited. However, instead of taking the boat and risking it all, there are several innovative programs for vocational training and language studying in order to do it the right way and avoid the risk of deportation.

Germany remains the leading country in the European union and the world to accept refugees and asylum seekers however the requirements are strict and consultation shall be further obtained prior to doing so and saving from future inconvenience of residing a refugee facility for a year or more.

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