Jobs in Germany

One of the main reasons that hundreds of thousands try to move to Germany every year is that there are thousands of job openings available in a variety of occupations across this incredible country! Many of these jobs in Germany have high salaries and excellent benefits, so if you are a skilled foreign worker or intend to be skilled in a profession and meet the eligibility requirements for a Student or Worker Visa to Germany, you may be able to take advantage of these excellent German opportunities! Good-Paying Jobs in Germany! There are good-paying jobs in Germany that qualified skilled foreigners may be able to apply for if approved for a a resident permit to Germany. Below are examples of various jobs in Germany (some may be on the current Skilled Occupation List and others may not) and their average annual salaries (2010-2012).
Further information can be found in our Education Center with ample information for many professionals.
Sales Retail and Wholesale 3,800 EUR
Telecommunication 4,001 EUR
Engineering 4,006 EUR
Information Technology 4,021 EUR
Accounting and Finance 4,033 EUR
Public Relations 4,064 EUR
Human Resources 4,067 EUR
Automotive 4,109 EUR
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense 4,144 EUR
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining 4,275 EUR
Banking 4,314 EUR
Purchasing and Inventory 4,345 EUR
Factory and Manufacturing 4,430 EUR
Marketing 4,481 EUR
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology 4,532 EUR
Construction / Building / Installation 4,822 EUR
Quality Control and Compliance 4,939 EUR
Counseling 5,000 EUR
Insurance 5,500 EUR
Executive and Management 6,800 EUR
Legal 7,394 EUR

Please note that salaries for these and other jobs in Germany can vary based upon several factors (such as the industry, particular company, location in Germany, the worker’s education and experience, etc.) and that this limited list is provided to simply illustrate the point that German employment pays well.

Therefore, if you and your family want to enjoy the high standard of living available through Germany, a resident permit to Germany can open the door to many wonderful opportunities in the beautiful “land of precision and punctuation.” Our legal team can evaluate your eligibility and chances to apply for a resident permit to Germany and if you qualify, they can also provide you with personalized, expert assistance through each stage of the procedure for immigration to Germany. “Opportunity is knocking at the door,” so why wait?