Immigration Consultation Process

GoToWorld.Today offers specialized consultation and representation in a structured process:

1. In the course of a no-obligation initial consultation, all relevant information is gathered in order to assess eligibility and feasibility of your immigration plan. Clients receive a written evaluation explaining immigration options in easy-to-understand English.

2. If the immigration plan is viable, application preparations include compiling necessary documents and information. The application may call for attestation or legalization of documents, letters of acceptance or evaluations by government agencies. Proper procedures help minimize clients’ dealings with authorities.

3. Continuous communication with the authorities during and after filing of the application ensures it is handled correctly. Application progress updates are provided regularly. If necessary, legal immigration rights are pleaded in court.

4. After obtaining the residence permit, you are usually allowed to immediately begin working, studying, researching etc. in Germany. If additional legal consultation in other fields of law, a relocation agent or language teaching are required, any of this can be arranged ahead of entry or thereafter.

Your case is always by a team of professionals. Handling is never transferred to a “visa office” or to a third party.

GoToWorld.Today also offers legal support for foreigners already residing in Germany when faced with a variety of legal subjects:

  • Extending your residence permit or changing its purpose, e.g. taking up employment after graduating or concluding vocational training
  • Transitioning from dependent employment to self-employment or vice versa
  • Legal implications of becoming a parent or getting married, divorced, or living separated from a partner in Germany

If you are interested in GoToWorld.Today or if you have any questions about the service, get in touch now for further details.