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Why Germany

Germany has become one of the top destinations for immigrants from around the globe. In fact, the German government issues a Resident Visa to Germany to approximately 200,000 foreign nationals from various countries and backgrounds every year. What is attracting so many people from all over the world to make the move? Why Germany? The short answer is that Germany is THE place to be!

Economic Opportunities

One of the top incentives for immigration to Germany is a desire to access the many economic opportunities that are available in the country and the European Economic Region. Europeans are among the most prosperous people on the planet, with middle-aged Germans enjoying an impressive average net worth over $350,000! Boasting the strongest economy in Europe, low unemployment rate (and severe labor shortage), there are thousands of good-paying German jobs that eligible skilled foreign workers can apply for if issued a Student & Resident Permit to Germany.

Incredible Cities

Another major motivation for German immigration is its incredible cities. In August 2014, the respected London-based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released the results of its annual evaluation of 140 cities around the globe and ranked four German cities (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg) among the top “Most Livable Cities” in the world. All you have to do is view a few photos or videos of Germany’s scenic cities and the natural response is to think, “What a beautiful place – I wish I could live there!” If you are approved for immigration to Germany, that dream can become a reality!

Spectacular Scenery

A key reason that many people want to immigrate to Germany is so they can experience the spectacular scenery found across this bio-diverse country. Germany boasts thousands of beautiful peaceful pine Forests, magnificent Alpine Mountains, Beaches, refreshing rivers and thousands of hiking trails plus green grasslands and a wonderful wine and Beer country. There are also many species of plants and animals that are unique to Germany and Europe. If you love nature and are approved for immigration to Germany, you will have plenty of options available for backpacking, camping, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, skiing, sailing, and a host of other activities in the Great Outdoors.

Other Benefits

There are several other great reasons to apply for German immigration. People who are granted a Resident Visa to Germany are allowed to attend German educational programs, such as to learn a trade, improve vocational skills or earn a college or university degree, and this can open up great opportunities to apply for German and European jobs. Permanent residents also have access to Germany’s national healthcare and social security program. Furthermore, they can live in a stable democracy with guaranteed freedoms protected under the rule of law. These are just some of the many benefits available to you and your family if you immigrate to Germany!

A Better Life Awaits You in Germany!

In May 2014, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released its annual Better Life Index which ranked Germans as among the happiest people out of the 36 developed countries examined. What is astounding (but not surprising) is that this was the fourth year in a row that Germany received this distinction. Thus, a better life could also await you and your family if you are approved for German immigration!

Who Can Apply?


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Just Finish School and Join…

High School Graduate

The Best way to Immigrate to Germany and Europe as a high school graduate will be by admitting to University studying program in the many programs available in Germany.

Germany is one of the world’s most popular destinations for students. Training qualified foreign students in German universities is one of the German Government’s top priorities.

While the requirements vary from University to another and would depends on your grades, they would all require you to successful complete your secondary school education with final exams certificate.

Knowing German is not mandatory as many studying programs can be done in English, however it is recommended to have a preparatory and acclimatization year in which you’ll get German language courses and university preparatory courses, during this period you can obtain a work permit and be able to legally work in Germany while getting world class education and shaping your future as an adult in a developed country.

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Put yourself in Direction of Success…

University Student

 Are you already studying in a university in your country ? That’s great, thus credits you accumulated are not in vain. The easiest way to immigrate to Germany is by continuing your studying at a world class university in Germany in which you’ll be able to study in English or German, or even change your subject of studying from the thousands of studying programs available.

 Did you know that Since 2012 The legal parameters regarding the employment of foreign graduates of German universities have also been improved and due to shortage of manpower in the German Economy it is relatively easy to get a job once you graduated a German university.

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Degree Holder? Professional?

Degree Holder? Professional?

Since 1 August 2012, foreign nationals with a recognized university degree have had easier access to the labor market under the EU Blue Card system, which is the parallel to the American Green Card, but enable you to work all over Europe. To obtain the Blue Card, you must furnish proof of your qualifications and a concrete job offer that would provide annual gross earnings of at least 48,400 euros (2015). The approval of the Federal Employment Agency is not required.

In the case of highly qualified foreign nationals with a background in mathematics, IT, the natural sciences or technology as well as medical doctors, the EU Blue Card conditions still apply, provided they are offered the same salaries as comparable German employees and their annual gross earnings would be at least 37,752 euros (2015). In these cases the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is required.

Simplified rules on access to the labor market also apply to academics, highly qualified professionals, executives, senior employees, specialists and similar groups.

In the case of foreign nationals with diploma or vocational qualifications, such as care specialists, there are now improved options for gaining recognition for qualifications obtained abroad. In addition to this, for professions experiencing shortages, access to the German labor market has been made possible without a prior labor market test, as long as the worker’s qualification is recognized as equivalent to a German qualification under the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act. 

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Considering Taking the Boat?

Asylum Seeker

For unskilled and low-skilled workers access to the labor market in Germany remains limited. However, instead of taking the boat and risking it all, there are several innovative programs for vocational training and language studying in order to do it the right way and avoid the risk of deportation.

Germany remains the leading country in the European union and the world to accept refugees and asylum seekers however the requirements are strict and consultation shall be further obtained prior to doing so and saving from future inconvenience of residing a refugee facility for a year or more.

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  • Testimonial
    I came from Mosul in Northen Iraq and the war made progress of my life very difficult. I have to build my life and made the decision to be assisted by experts, In few month I was admitted to a university as Electrical Engineer before half a year and  I'm now studying German and working in campus. I'm so much happy of the decision I made and I'm so grateful of the people who assisted me. I must tell you that you have to believe in yourself and let only the Experts provide you the help you need
    Ibrahim BarazaniStudent from Iraq, currently in Berlin
  • Testimonial
    I move to Germany from Hargeisa, Somaliland on the end of my second year of university studying, I smoothly continued my learning and I work part time in an amazing software company. I appreciate so the service, hard work and assistance I received from GoToWorld team. Inspirational and highly recommend. You really helped me put my life on the tracks to success.
    Xassan IbrahimBsc Computer Science
  • Testimonial
    I was for several years a School teacher in East Wallaga Ethiopia, I am holding a Chemical Engineering degree from Addis Ababa University. I was not being satisfied with the income I was earning as a secondary school teacher and move to work for 2 years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia illegally, I was departed by the authority back to Ethiopia and heard from a friend about GoToWorld. I got a student visa in 5 month and now I'm studying my Masters of Business Administration in Germany, I work part time and earns more than what I used to earn in Saudi Arabia. You've been a Great help. Your Service is Fantastic. I'm so glad I met you.
    Getachew Yonas, Teacher, Chemical Engineer

Our Unique Immigration Process

Our unique five-step approach is a process we customized since we started providing service, with more then 640 customers (as of March 2015) successfully immigrated to Germany with our assistance, we designed our unique process to enable individuals assisted by us to immigrate at a low-risk goals-based immigration process.

We want you to take advantage of our rich experience and the solid foundation this process establish and provide you the option to pay-as-you-go along the progress of the process, the way we see it is that we bring the experience, expertise and right connections and you bring yourself, your ambitions, talents capabilities and educational credentials, together it will be a winning team.

We believe our process can save you both time and money and allow you to conduct this process in the fastest time and legal way to prevent future complexities.

However, as we are confident our service quality will be beyond your expectation, we allow you to pay-as-you-go for our service and give you the option, in case of not being 100% satisfy to cancel the engagement with us at any time and without any further financial obligations on future steps.

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Our Process
Immigration Process Placeholder

1. Card Opening

The main goal of this stage is to gather information about you, to build our understanding of your preferences, current status and where you want to be. In order for us at later stage to uniquely customize successful immigration plans to suite your personal goals, financial & academic condition and provide you with several options to decide of your next steps with aware and broader view. In this stage we will have a vip meeting with you at our offices, you are required to bring a copy of all your credentials.

2. Consultation

With the understanding that each customer has its own unique world we draw several tailored immigration alternatives, this is done based on careful examination with GotoWorld experts, point of contacts at universities, job placement agencies and lawyers in Germany. We conclude this stage in having an Immigration Consultation Meeting in which our documented recommendations  are submitted to you with several immigration possibilities for you to decide upon.

3. Alternatives Selection

You provide us with your decision of the immigration alternatives you would like to take, We recommend our customers to select more then one alternative to increase chances of successful Immigration to Germany. In this stage you’ll provide us with authenticated copy of original papers as will be requested.

4. Submission

We build detailed action plan and schedule for submission of your paperwork and immigration process, based on your immigration alternative selections we can submit multiple application. While this might be new for your but we believe for the hundreds we conducted this process we can give you great level of peace of mine. our responsability will cover the entire application process: writing, emailing, cover letters, administrative overheads, mailing and shipping, phone calls, process followups and on-going updates to you, you are in good hands.

5. Results

Waiting for the results might take some time, depends mainly on the course of your immigration plan, waiting for university admission dead line, vocational training course opening or language course. our assignment finish on the hand over of your results to get into an academic institute or a course in Germany. upon your admission we will guide you in detail regarding your next steps which you’ll take independently.

About GoToWorld

GoToWorld is an immigration consultancy service that was lunched in February 2014, Since our establishment we served more then 640 individuals (as of March 2015) from all corners of the world to immigrate overseas with a 99.3% success rate.       GoToWorld has marked on its flag to provide exceptional consultancy service and facilitate the immigration process in the fastest, cheapest and most effective way for our clients, we are passionate about improving the life’s of others  and we put great deal of time to make it the smoothest, easiest and most professional to you.

GoToWorld is brought to you by CueBid Projects a company registered and operating in Israel.

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Our Team

Iris Kessler

Iris Kessler

Iris is a resident of Berlin, Germany, a lawyer by profession with 16 years of strong track record in business and legal counsling. Sharon is the manager of the GoToWorld immigration services, on her daily duties she manage the company operations, review each immigration process and confirm each process is being entirely covered of this detailed intensive and tailored work.

Iris schedule consist of routine travels to Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda in which she conduct meetings with potential immigrants.

Michel Horth

Michel is a resident of Frankfurt Germany, an Austrian national and Lawyer by profession, act as our head of legal affairs main point of contact in Germany.

Most of his time he provide assistance obtaining residency permit to foreign students or representation of asylum seekers, with experience of 8 years of practice as an attorney he has always been an asset in our team

Michel Horth

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